Sunday, June 12, 2005

So I had my first Spanish Lesson today. I did my thirty minutes. Spanish is a whole heck of a lot easier then Russian, that is for sure. I learned about ten to fifteen phrases and words. They do a lot of repeating, everything is vocal nothing written down.

So Arlene went through without much going on down here at least. Summer's parents came down today and they had a good time. Summer and her mother sewed and Dennis and I played the X-Box. I bought Ghost Recon special for the day. It was fun. We all got into it.

Dennis also brought a couple of little bikes for the kids and we put training wheels on them so they'll be all set for when they want to ride bikes. The bikes are still a little big for them yet but they liked it. Poor Dennis he clearly has asthma but he won't take anything for besides Oregano? I don't know about that one.

I got my Manual for Sunday School. I teach about Joseph F. Smith one of the Church's prophets tomorrow. The old teacher gave me the manual he told me to bring treats.

There was a Foreclosure right down the street from where we live. Of course they say its all a big mistake. Yeah right. At least I would know what that house would go for.

I watched Collateral on HBO as I did my Spanish Lesson. Pretty good movie itself. Starting to feel better about the future. For some reason Dennis gives me confidence. Maybe it's cuz I know that I can do a whole lot better then he can at this. That's terrible I know but it's the truth I suppose.

I watched the Grass courts Stella Artois Tourney today on Tennis Channel. I love watching Grass court tennis. It's really fun playing that way too. A big serve and aggressiveness can win for you.

I am playing in a tournament in the middle of June in Orlando. Should be fun to unveil the new backhand then.

Anyway that is about it. I spose. Gotta go to bed.

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