Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So I added the Google Adsense thingies last night. I guess it looks alright. Really I'm just glad that I got it to work!

I signed a contract on the house today. Big One. Over 100K in equity. Too bad a child support/alimony judgment is tacked on to the house for 50K. Thats the risk you take in this business. Oh well.

I played tennis with Dohnnie this morning for over an hour. My backhand is really getting better. I am starting to hit it more up with more topspin which is neat. I have always wanted a one hander and now I am getting close.

I was really doing well with my Atkins until I got hungry this afternoon and pigged out on some cookies that were hiding in the cabinet.

We went to see Longest Yard tonight. Pretty funny. Not nearly as good as the first but hard to compare an Adam Sandler movie to a classic film. Burt Reynolds must need the money to be in this thing. Summer enjoyed and I chuckled too at times. Not a complete waste.

We are getting some response from our mailings. We got an eviction call today a six unit Condo in Miami. Over 1500K cash flow. 3o0K mortgage. We'll see what she wants. Hispanic couple. Did I mention I am going to teach myself Spanish?

I used my new racket this morning and it rocks!!! Serena eat your heart out cuz the Hyper Hammer 6.3 was made for me!!! I also ordered the newer Verizon Blackberry 7250 today as a Father's Day present which is awesome. I need it cuz the Remanufactured 7750 that I got from RIM is on the fritz... it only works when it wants to. Friday it shall be mine.

Tomorrow I make my offer with a Family in Palm Bay. First one in a while. Lot of competition. But I feel that I have made a rapport with this guy. So we'll see. I'm out.

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