Thursday, June 17, 2004

Today was a busy day, I got a lot done with the Short Sales and only knocked on a few doors. But we got a good vacant in Cocoa and a lead on one in Orlando maybe tomorrow.

Dennis is doing pretty good. He is good with people but he struggles with the computer stuff. But I dont know if he realizes that he doesn't need to the computer stuff to succeed at this stuff.

They might move down here, but Dohnnie is not having any part of it. Summer wants me to talk to him to see if we can work something out but who knows whether that will work or not. He wants to do it for sure. But Dohnnie is not so sure.

Dohnnie got served with papers today from Lena. Surprising really, she wasn't as dumb as she lead us to believe. Or at least her mother isn't as dumb. Whatever. She's a wench.

Summer is getting ready for FBAH to open up and she is psyched.

Not working out yet but I am planning joining the gym here first chance I get. So that'll be nice. Hopefully some of these deals will go through and get some cash flowing. I am worried that Dohnnie is gonna lose all of his money to his wonderful soon to be ex-wife. We'll see.