Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Well another day another dollar right? Tomorrow I have to catch up with Dohnnie's short sales. I also need to follow up with my calls tha t I made today. Plus I need to record the Deed from Sebastian after we do a title search to protect our interests.

Plus everything else too. So much to do. Plus I need to knock on doors in Brevard. I have already wasted a day or two.

Dad is doing better today. He is talking and complaining. So that is a good thing.

Summer's Dad is coming and Dohnnie has no problem with a half and half deal with Dennis. So that might be nice.

Need to exercise tomorrow dangit!!! I hope everything goes okay so we can get some cash and sign up for a gym and do some things that we need to get done around here like getting cars fixed with the cigarette lighter and ac in the Honda. And Montessori for the kiddies.

We met with the Bishop and it went well. He recommends paying Tithing in installments so that way we don't fall behind. But hey who knows he's a good guy.

I can't help but feel confident about all this. Things are good.