Saturday, February 05, 2011

Jan Training

Swimming: 3.9 mi on track for 46.8 miles swimming, very short of my 113 mile goal

Biking: 90.5 mi on track for 1080 miles biking, also very short of my 2750 goal

Running: 73.3 mi on track for 880 miles running, which would smash my goal of 600 miles by almost 300 miles.

So why the disparity? Baby Cece. Having a baby throws a big kink in your schedule plus its harder to swim and ride the bike with shorter days and more pressure at work to sign accounts to big contracts. 

But I'm doubling down and will get this done. We have a nice bonus and tax return coming which means a few things, most notably, paying race entry fees!

So basically I need average 240 miles a month on the bike, 17600 yards in the pool, and stay with my running at 75 a month. That breaks down to 4500 yards a week swim, 60 miles a week on the bike, and 15 miles run or so.

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