Sunday, December 05, 2004

Boy its been awhile. I suppose that I have been too busy to worry about this blog. But to update you all we have had two closings so far and have made more money already then I ever made before. We have three more set to close before Christmas. I am hardly exercising anymore and have gained back everything I put on after I got married. And I don't really have the desire to get back in shape. I am thinking about a personal trainer or something.

We went to Seattle for Thanksgiving and it was great. Neat city. We saw the space needle, Pike's Market, the Aquarium, and did some good shopping. The kids kinda freaked out on the plane rides. We had delays there and back in Atlanta. I hate that airport. Never again.

For Christmas we are going to Captiva Island, then to Missouri. We'll spend New Years Eve here in Florida. We are excited but not for the Snow in Missouri. Don't miss that at all. So that about covers it. Laters.

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