Sunday, January 02, 2005

Its a new year, and I thought that I needed to blog a little bit. Tomorrow is Sunday and after that is Monday. Summer and I are going to be hitting it hard then. We are going to try and get 5 each in January. We want to get 50 houses closed this year. If they all net us 10k each, then we will make 50ok. Not too bad. We want to eliminate all of our debt this year. So 2006 will be gravy.

On a personal note I want to get back in shape to the point where I am happy about the way I look. I saw myself in a mirror at the Airport on our way back from Christmas and was shocked at my large mound of rebound self. I have never been this big, and it is starting to get to me.

We have 3-5 closings set for January already.

We also got a puppy up in Missouri. She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi which we name Zoey. The kids love her even though they get too excited and scare her under the bed. She looking over my shoulder right now while I blog. I'll load a pic of her in a second.

Overall I am very happy about the way the year ended. We did really good. I have some really good equity deals that allowed us to travel and see what we wanted to see. Maybe this year we go to Europe. That would awesome. But we are gonna pay some debt off first. Laters.

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