Friday, January 13, 2006

You know I have to admit, that picture on my profile is at least three years old. It definitely does not reflect me since I moved down here. That will be two years in May.

We have 14 houses now. Several under contract so we are pleased. Things are cooking. I am also auditioning for a very prominent Reality Show on one of the 4 major networks. I won't say which one but I have gotten a call back and meet the producers soon so I am excited. I never thought I would try out for a TV show.

I just saw Kobe Bryant hit a fade away over LeBron James to put the Lakers up 2 with 8 seconds left in the game. I hate Kobe but he's money down the stretch in big games.

We had a good Christmas this year. Sam really understood what Santa Claus was about and the concept of opening presents on Christmas morning and making a mess. We spent the day with Dohnnie and his Russian ex-wife's family. It was actually very nice and relaxing not stressful or controversial at all.

I have been very hesitant to write anything here because of what Summer might say or disapprove of...So any relationship stuff with her is obviously off limits and I was wrong to cross that line. A line that I crossed in a stupid blind love affair with honesty at 4 o'clock in the morning when I wrote the post that she questioned. Anyways, whats done is done and now I have the new rules.

Our nanny is leaving us at the end of February. That sucks but she wants to go back to Idaho. I think we were a schock to her system of how righteous, church going Mormons could be so different then her family. She is good with the kids and NEVER gets mad about anything. I swear I could punch her in the face and she would smile and say thank you afterward.

I left a comment on blog of a girl in Provo that I thought was an old girlfriend in high school. Well of course its not the same girl. So she probably thinks I am stalking now or something. Well I"M NOT!! Eh who knows.

Got to make an offer on a house in Deltona tomorrow. it might be a hot one. They look motivated and their mortgage company won't help them. The bank probably just wants the house.Well we'll see about that!


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