Thursday, November 24, 2005

Its been awhile again....It's Thanksgiving day. I attempted to fry our Turkey this year. We bought a fryer and the requisite peanut oil. Everything seemed to be working great until I put the bird in the oil and discovered that I didn't have enough to immerse it completely. So off I go to Wal-Mart to buy more. Of course they're sold out. So I had Summer take the bird out of the oil. Of course we both forgot to turn the heat down. So when I came back with a bunch of Canola Oil, the oil in the pot was about to spontaneously combust after reaching 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

So I poured the new oil in and that cooled it down along with me turning the heat down. Then I put the bird back in and fried it for about 20 minutes and the whole was done and it looked black on the outside making me think it was burnt. Of course, it wasn't; it was a very tender, juicy turkey, but it looked back on the outside.

Next time I'll do the fry thing a lot better. But isn't that like everything in life? So that's all.

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