Sunday, October 30, 2005

So have any of you ever had a problem with Dell Laptops with the screen going off for no reason? Well I have and now I can't use my laptop at all. It needs a new motherboard and I'll lose all my memory good thing I backed most of it up while I was researching this problem. So I have four houses this month. I got two in one deal on Thursday. They are short sales but hey I'll take them.

It was a crazy thing, this lady used her credit to buy two houses for a friend of hers and now they are both in foreclosure.

Tomorrow I'll call a prison in Daytona Beach to see if I can talk to an inmate who has a house in foreclosure. That is pretty cool. He's in for two counts of Cocaine and one count of Marijuana. He also got a really big settlement from GMC from a defective part in Camaros in the early 80s. I found all this out by searching the public record.

I haven't been to church in quite a few weeks. I told the Bishopric that I need to be released because I can't be there consistently. In fact I have been to the Temple more recently then to church. Anyway I gotta put the kids to bed they crashed in our bedroom. Laters.

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