Friday, October 07, 2005

So my brother is back.... He seemed somewhat civil on the phone today. Maybe he doesn't hate me after all. I knocked on ten doors today in Orange County. I also got laser treatment for my tatoo to have it removed. The laser feels almost identical to what it felt like to get the tatoo done in the first place. But this procedure will cost 20 times more to remove then to install. Talk about a stupid tax.

Summer was in a car accident last year. Nobody was hurt but she was found at fault and we didn't have enough insurance so we are dealing with a law firm in North Florida that is threatening to sue. They want us to sign a stipulation that basically says they can enter a final judgment if we fall behind.... Crazy. I think we will probably sign but I want all the "t's" and "i's" crossed and dotted.

On the radio today they were talking about with MSN and all that. I have a space but I really prefer this blog right here. It serves as a journal for me.

I am getting back into the swing of working. I have knocked every day this week. I didn't skip hardly any doors and no movies.

Tomorrow I go talk to a women in Cocoa who is renting a house that we just bought. We are going to try and convince her to move. But we'll see. She is on month to month lease so we'll give her thirty day notice if she refuses then we'll evict her. But it could make it really hard to sell the house. And I need this house to sell to pay Dohnnie back.

I wish I could get up the gumption to eat better and exercise. Now that I am focusing on knocking and working, it is really hard ot even think about working out. The tennis singles league starts next week so maybe that will help with motivation. I am just so tired when I get home. I drive between 200 to 350 miles a day sometimes. It tires you out in a different way then real hard manual labor. It is more emotional and in your head.

Summer had a baby shower tonight and Tina went to Institue so the boys and I watched the Braves and Astros NLDS. It was fun, Sam and Jake really enjoyed it. It was fun to spend some quality time.

The Cardinals won today also, they are up 2-0 just need one more win to advance. They look good but their relief pitching seems shaky to me. Anyway thats it. Laters.

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