Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's my Father-in-law's birthday today and Summer and the kiddies are over on the West Coast of Florida spending the day. So I am all by my lonesome. So I worked out, made some phone calls, watched a couple of videos, and updated this blog.

If you notice I put some more links up to you (the random stranger, yeah right!) to show what I am reading and listening to at the moment. Not literally of course but pretty darn close.

Ipods are probably the best invention in the history of music. Music helps your mood so much.

I downloaded the Curious George Soundtrack and it rocks. Also downloaded the new Arctic Monkeys album.

Went to the doctor today and my triglycerides are still high, my cholesterol is okay but not great. Need to stay on the Nutrisystem and lose some where weight!

We got quotes on Health Insurance today too. 932 ducats a month for the whole fam-damily. Completely ridiculous!!! But what are you gonna do?

Dad's bugging me about helping him with his traffic course that I signed him up for. I told him flat out that if he kept bugging me about it then I would NOT help him at all. It really sucks that my Father only respects me when he is afraid that I might not help him. What a sad state of affairs.


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