Saturday, December 04, 2010

Cant Sleep, ramblings

I'm bumming. I wanted to go swim in a lake tomorrow morning but my sudden insomnia seems to be taking over. Plus it'll be around 44 degrees in the morning so yeah it is probably not going to happen.

My 10 miler will though. I'm fighting through some issues that are common I think for first timers completing a half marathon program. ITB irritation, lower back pain. Shin splints. In other words I need to strengthen my core and butt. I used to lift all the time but now not so much. Need to get lifting again. Movement prep and prehab too.

Good news if the rest of the year goes as planned, I'll have completed close to 300 hours of exercise. Thanks to (free plug) I can track quite easy. My ATP had 377 for the year but Appendicitis, food poisoning, and living with three little germ breeding monkeys made me come up a little short. However! That is more then I've exercised in more then 7 years combined! So positivity here is welcome and appreciated!

My diet leaves somethings to be desired but I've lost 30 lbs this year and have kept it off. I feel better then I ever have really since I married Summer. At that time I was in the best shape of my life.

So progress. It's a good thing. I recognize it, I appreciate it, and I'm grateful for it.

We're going to be welcoming a new little spirit into our home soon. I pray the birth of our daughter goes off without a hitch. We'll have four now. A lot of responsibility but a lot of fun too. Sometime after the New Year we should meet her!

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