Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Training Numbers

Training Totals
2011 2010
  Dist Hours Avg Pace Dist Hours  Avg Pace
Swim 81311 30 2:11/100 yd 96773 34 2:05/100 yd
Bike 2426 169 14.3 mph 1791 136 13.19 mph
Run 617 138 13:27 per mile 462 114 14:51 per mile
Strength   11 13 min/week   20 22 min/week

353 hours total for 2011. 

So I'm pleased with most of my year. My swim mileage was down and it looks like I got slower but I really think I made up for that in my bike and run improvement. Almost 80 seconds per mile faster is awesome. I was run/walking this time last year. Now I'm running no problem. 

Improving over 1 mph on the bike is great too. That means so much over the course of a race. Plus its on the same old school bike frame so that's just me and my fitness gains. Mileage for the run and bike are up big time. That's great. I'm so happy! 

Over 350 hours for the year. 40 more hours then last year. Considering that I only did two races on Sundays and then took the rest of them off through the year, I'm so happy that I'm averaging over an hour of exercise per day. For me that is consistency. And that is the key. 

Next year will see me going over 400 hours for the year. A lot more strength for the year. I'm doing more Olympic lifts along with prehab and endurance strength exercises to keep me pain free. 

This means over 2 years of consistent training for me. I have proven to myself that I can keep my weight off. It also has shown me that I can continue to lose weight and get back down to a healthy weight and keep improving. Getting faster and fitter everyday.

Here's to a successful 2011 and to a even better 2012!

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