Sunday, August 15, 2004

So today is Sunday. At least for 15 more minutes. I am lying on my bed typing this post as my wonderful wife sleeps next to me. Gotta love laptops. Church was uneventful except for Priesthood being dismissed early to help the Hurricane victims in Orlando. I don't think many people went however. Most of the men were waiting for their wives and kids to get out of their meetings trading war stories about previous storms. For me I didn't have any being a new found Floridian.

Summer and I applied for a car loan. And to our suprise were accepted. It was one of those be careful what you wish for kind of situations. So I have spent most of the day researching cars (minivans) online. For instance do you know that Only Durangos and Expeditions and a few Explorers have third row seating? That is a big feature for us with the kiddies and all. But I have a sneaking suspicion we will be purchasing some sort of minivan in the near future. But we keep telling ourselves that we won't do the loan if the interest is too high or its generally an impulse buy. Because we will be giving ourselves a lot of debt. And we have student loans coming right down the corner. So we got that going for us which is nice.

I finally found the statcounter today on my site. It is way down at the very bottom. Too bad it counts when I open the page...That way I could really tell how many people have read it. Probably not that many. I saw it spike after I read some websites and commented. Nobody left any comments though for me. I must be pretty dull or something.

Summer and I lamenting today about having kiddies so early in our lives. I mean we are only 25 and 23 for crap sakes. And we have two toddlers. Tonight at Dinner they practically drove us insane. Sam kept screaming in the high pitch voice that can break glass. We had to take them both out of the restaurant at one point to calm them down. And yes I do realize today is Sunday for you Mormon readers...(like there are any).

The Dream Team is playing like they are in a dream in Athens. I think that International competition has improved its talent pool and the NBAers are like third string all-star team. So it doesn't surprise me that the USA is losing. But not by twenty points. Yes they did come back and make it somewhat of a challenge for the fourth quarter, but come on you gotta get up for the Olympics? Please. They already have too much money what do they care.

I have created a battle plan and schedule for the next few weeks. Tomorrow I am going to see about getting Dad a car that Dohnnie can buy for him. I already have a line on a couple. With any luck Dad will be driving by tomorrow night. Looks like they are holed up in that hotel until late next week. Sucks to be them.

Also I am catching up on my workouts. This week I have the 10-8-6 week. And I am going to do an hour a day of swim, bike, run. I get my bike on Tuesday!!! Laters.

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