Sunday, August 08, 2004

Went to see Collateral this morning. Very good movie. But I wonder why it was callled Collateral? Funny, this is an action psychological thriller and at one part it made me cry. I guess it made me cry because at one point in the movie, Jamie Foxx's character takes charge with his relationship and situation with Tom Cruise's character and change's his destiny with that situation. It reminded how we all have free agency. And you don't ever really know until you try. So that describes my situation really well right now. I am off the "gravy train" and it is time to produce. I have a choice. I can not do anything and see what happens or I can take control and see what happens with me making good decisions.

Erin mentioned about being a life coach. She pays one right now for a life coaching. 275 a month for three phone calls and unlimited emails. Unbelieveable that people pay for that. I think I would be a good life coach. It is just like being a teacher. Funny how things work out. I am going to check it out. Right now I am going to knock on doors after I get finished eating for sure.

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